What is Heresy?

I just loved this recent post from Pam Hogeweide. Here is an excerpt:


“Jesus was a heretic. He spoke openly with women, invited women into friend­ship, he healed them and told sto­ries packed with spir­i­tual wis­dom that included metaphors com­mon in a woman’s world  (such as the yeast in the bread para­ble).  Jesus defied cul­tural and reli­gious social codes, drenched in patri­ar­chal injus­tice, to ele­vate women.”


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I’m reminded of a book I read some years ago, which was a revelation for me (such that I sat crying in the middle of a crowded cafe – which is definitely not something I have done before or since), called Jesus, the Man Who Loved Women.


Be blessed 🙂