Prayer Request

If anyone who reads and enjoys this blog is of a mind to pray, please read on:


Frank has been struggling in his new post. He has been expected to teach areas for which he has no experience. He has never claimed to have experience in those areas, yet when he has raised this, his manager accused him of ‘making excuses’. Frank is not stupid, or reckless, enough to have applied for a post knowing he cannot teach it. Far from it. He’s one of the steadiest people I know. The idea of expecting someone to teach beyond their skills is ludicrous, yet because of the refusal of the manager to accept that not everyone is exactly like her, he could lose his job. Which has serious implications for our whole family.


Frank has a meeting with the manager of the manager tomorrow. Please pray that he has the courage to stand up for himself enough to make it clear who should take responsibility for this situation, without criticising and becoming angry, and the assertiveness to demonstrate where his skills lie, so that if they have any common sense at all, they will be able to recognise what a valuable asset he is, as a teacher, in the right place. 

Common sense is not so common, it would seem. Please pray.

Can we pray for anything for you?

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    • Thank you – we are so blessed to have people to ask for prayer, and blessed to know they are praying. Words can’t express how much that means. Such is grace. Thank you x

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