Frugality Reality

Frank’s last day is next Thursday, though he is hopeful another department may use his services in future. But there’s nothing definite. So, frugal living is the order of the day – and menu planning is even more important than it has been before. FlyLady is also big on menu planning.


Have you ever wondered how to make your own stock, and make the most of a carcass? If so, read on.


I buy as many fairly-traded products as possible, although fair trade cotton is hugely expensive, so second-hand clothes plug the gap. I also like ethically-reared meat, where possible. So, after my family of five has devoured a roasted free-range chicken, one is left with a few scraps of meat and a carcass. I pull as much meat as I can off the bird, to be fed to ravenous children, and into my large stockpot I soften half an onion. I then add the chicken carcass, onion skins, vegetable peelings (whatever is to hand – these are not essential), a bouquet garni (mixed herbs will do) and top it up with water until the bird is covered. I like to add a level teaspoon of herbamare and leave it to simmer for a few hours. I then strain the liquid through a colander into a bowl.


Et voila!


Several litres of chicken stock that can be used to make a stew or frozen for future use.