The Grateful Christmas Project

The Grateful Christmas Project: 7 ways to have more grateful kids this Christmas



‘I’m thinking it’s almost a dozen years now, nothing under the Christmas tree here.

Strange, the way children teach men. 

The whole crazy, unexpected thing, it started at bedtime one year, I do remember that. Smoothing back hair, kissing foreheads.

I had gifts to wrap.

So, I pulled up the blankets. Prayers. And then, when I’m at the door, one hand on the doorframe, resting in the light of the hallway, I turn to close the door a bit on the dark.

And the oldest boy, he stops me with just one question:

“What does Jesus get for His birthday?”


Intriguing post from A Holy Experience. I know when I tried to propose a similar scheme in our family last year the only person who was interested was my lovely sister-in-law. I hadn’t gone as far as saying ‘no gifts for children’, though. I’m not sure we’re ready for that, though gifts this year will be the on-a-tight-budget variety. I’ve already raided the charity shops! My sister-in-law and I have at least agreed to buy presents for children, not adults. We’ll be making a donation to charity in lieu.


Being thankful. Is it really the ‘secret’ to joy?