Nope, Part Two

Addendum to ‘Nope’:


Several hours later and the boy is happy and relaxed, which makes a huge difference to everyone else in the house…


We took him to the new local Sainsbury’s which was (for him) a special treat. Cheap way to spend some family time, huh? The supermarket o_O Anyway, Prince got to push the trolley. He got to choose some food. And he cheered up. Which cheered mummy up. A lot. Which relieved the pressure for a bit. So I am now thanking God for my loving and supportive husband, and for a strong family bond. The girls and I made pizza for tea, which was also a good bonding experience.


Our advent candle has 25 different ‘names’ of Jesus. We light it each evening when we sit down to eat together. We always eat together. We talk, we eat, we pray. Today’s name was ‘Immanuel’, meaning ‘God with us’. It suddenly struck me (as the radical Jesus is wont to do) what Julian of Norwich says about Christ being ‘homely’, i.e. here among us in every small thing that happens. Not a distant God watching and being all separate and holy. She says that holiness is in the here and now, the everyday, the bad and the good. And that God is here, among us. Not judging, just loving. God with us. Immanuel.


I breathed in the smiles and the giggles and the smell of homemade pizza, dripping red. And I breathed in the homely Jesus. And by His grace I was able to give thanks as I blew out the flame, in readiness for lighting it again tomorrow. Such is grace. It will light again tomorrow.

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