Free Stuff! Free Stuff!

Ever since I was poorly as a teenager and found reading too tiring, I have listened to audiobooks. Nowadays, audiobooks help me kill the boredom of housework, and help my autistic-wakeful brain to settle and sleep at night. Unlike my wakeful son, I don’t have autism, but I certainly have some traits – a brain that won’t switch off is one of them. When I was a child I would read with a torch under the bedclothes for hours and hours. Brain seems to have a faulty off-switch. Anyway, while my hubby is snoring away, I’m still awake. And it’s not stress that does it, because it’s always the same. So I put my little earphones in and drift off to the soothing tones emitted by my Mp3.

I have a subscription to, but I have recently discovered a brilliant site called LibriVox, where you can download audiobooks absolutely free!

The reason they’re free is because the book is over 90 years old and thus no longer under copyright. Also, they’re read by volunteers, so the quality is variable. However, many are wonderful. I have enjoyed Wuthering Heights, A Little Princess and Agnes Grey so far. I am currently reliving my childhood by downloading Heidi.