If you had one wish this Christmas:

I asked my two girls the same questions as this video from Scope.

Sandy: What is it that you like about Christmas?
Chip: I dunno. Getting lots of presents from Father Christmas.
Fluff: Remembering Jesus’ birthday. And getting presents.
Sandy: What do you like about Christmas that isn’t presents?
Chip: I like… that Jesus was born and everyone came to him and worshipped him.
Fluff: The word Christmas! ‘Christ’ and ‘mass’. And food.

Sandy: So why do we celebrate Christmas?
Chip: Because Jesus was born and we get chocolate and presents!
Fluff: It’s Jesus’ birthday!

Sandy: What do Mum and Dad want for Christmas?
Chip: A babysitter!
Fluff: Peace and quiet. And a new job for daddy to earn money.

At least my children know it has something to do with Jesus. With the prayers and bible reading and advent candle, etc., I’d be mortified if they didn’t! I’m glad that they’re able to think about what Mummy and Daddy might want, too. At least, Fluff can. Chip is just repeating what I have said when anyone has asked! Yes, Lord, a babysitter and time with my lovely husband would be simply maaaaarvellous.

And thank God my kids are unequivocal in their denial that Father Christmas and Jesus are related… o_O