Dear America

After the bewildering, heart-wrenching events of yesterday in Connecticut, may I say, with hand on heart, something I think most British folk would say:


Please, we beg you, give some serious consideration to changing your gun laws. You regulate all sorts of things that have the potential to kill people – industry, medicines, food, drivers, etc., don’t you? Yet none of those things were designed with the sole intention of killing. Guns are.


With love


A Concerned British Citizen in the UK

(where not even the police have guns). 

A prayer

I pray for all children,

Throughout the world,

Whose lives are cut short

By violence,

By neglect,

By abuse,

By lack of healthcare,

And by poverty.

May we always be moved

To act,

And never to hide our eyes

From your plight.

For your angels in heaven

Are always

In the presence

Of the Father,

And look upon His face.