EXCELLENT post from ‘Life with an Autistic Son’. This is what daily life with ASD is like (among other things).

Our biggest struggles with Prince are with rigidity of thinking. The tantrums now only occur about once a week or less, but our latest struggle has been with getting him to sit at the dinner table. Long story. But I’m not backing down on family meal times! If ever anything is ‘not what I expected in my head, Mummy’, we have the delight of hearing about it for the next five hours. No exaggeration! Until it makes you want to scream for him to shut the &^%$!!! up… which is not helpful. But this is the everyday reality of life with autism. It is VERY DRAINING. Prince is a wonderful, insightful, charming boy, but he can sometimes leave us exhausted, especially when we’re caring for his ‘mainstream’ sister and his as-yet-undiagnosed Asperger’s sister.

Life with an Autistic Son

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