Exploring Expressions of Frustration

Today’s post is inspired by this post at It’s Almost Naptime! I have to say, I love It’s Almost Naptime! One of the biggest draws for me is Missy’s refreshing honesty. Her passion is as intense as her honesty and humour, and she’s no-holds-barred when it comes to the ups and downs of parenting, international adoption, and the Christian life. I may not always agree with her, but I admire her all the same and we’d all end up sad and lonely if we thought we had to always agree with everyone.

Moving on… when I am fed up, or frustrated, I have a favourite word. It’s a good, old fashioned, hearty English word, full-bodied and vehement. Its sounds are slick and satisfying. I take satisfaction in the thought that I’m keeping the language and customs of my country alive. A hale and hearty “bollocks” is often a good release for frustration, although, if children are present, it also works pretty well when muttered sotto voce (that’s fancy-pants for saying it under your breath). I genuinely don’t use swear words very often. I like to save them for occasions when I need them. Hitting-my-thumb-with-a-hammer words are best used when you’ve just hit said thumb with said instrument, or a similar occasion. Using them constantly and without thought is just vulgar.

So in honour of the fine English tradition of using this lusty word (lusty as in ‘robust’ – nothing sexual), I wrote the following:

LIFE IS BOLLOCKS – in the style of Fascinating Aida
A Song

Life is bollocks,

For the most part.
There’s not even a ‘p’ on my laptop.
The keys are falling off it
And it’s very nearly past it.
‘Bollocks’ as
Demonstrated by my laptop.
Life is bollocks,
For the most part.
Every time I get my hopes up,
They go BANG
And disappear.
So I say
Yes, life is bollocks!
I wish I could go bang,
Every time that hope comes near.
Life is bollocks,
For the most part.
If you ever had any dreams,
You’d better shut them all away,
And wipe that frown off of your face –
You’re Christian!
Don’t you know you’re blessed?!
I just smile and say, “I’m fine.”
And mutter, “Bollocks!”
Oh, and none of this negates anything about beginning in thanks, etc. Just sometimes, that’s not enough. We need to be able to express our frustration. Because sometimes, life IS bollocks. God knows it, too. We don’t have to hide who we are from our divine father. Be blessed, friends 😉

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