Chip’s Homework

For her first homework after the Christmas holidays, my little Miss Chipmunk, aged seven, was asked to complete the sentence ‘The best thing about the holidays was…’


This was her reply:


‘The best thing about the holidays was my present from my Auntie. She brort me a remote control trantula. I call him Tranchie for short. I love Tranchie and like to take him to bed with me. Tranchie is the best present I’ve ever had.’


Yep. My daughter’s favourite ever gift is a remote controlled giant tarantula. Which she likes to take to bed. o_O


“Aw, Tranchie…” the little minx croons. And I thought Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) was imaginary. Little did I know he would be reincarnated as my youngest child.

The first Calvin and Hobbes book

Oh crumbs!