Not many posts of my own lately, just reblogs of others’ material. Had you noticed? It’s because we’re attempting (yet) another house move (fourth move in three years). Prince and I travelled last week to stay with a very kind friend while viewing houses. We arrived home yesterday. He was good as gold. I was very proud of him. We both agreed on which house we liked best, which was a relief, and I will be calling the agents tomorrow to ask to proceed. There may not be too many posts in the coming weeks, but that doesn’t mean I’ve disappeared, or given up. Au contraire, mes amies šŸ™‚


Incidentally, I was trying to think how many homes I have lived in during my life. The move will make it twenty, fourteen since I left home. This move won’t be the last, because we’re still renting and hope eventually to buy in the new area. It would be nice to be able to know that we will stay and raise a family in our own home. I’d like to be able to put pictures on the wall without having to ask someone’s permission. It’s unsettling to feel you can’t enjoy your home. How about you? How many houses have you lived in? Any stories about renting or buying?


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  1. I never thought about it till just now. I have lived in 14 different homes! Crazy. Goodluck with your house hunt!

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