This is a great discussion. Thank you Steve and Britt.

‘It is, of course, a lie. As someone in the middle of a divorce, I can tell you the paperwork would have been simply impossible.’ Literal laugh out loud! I have tears in my eyes!

I dislike fundamentalism in all hues – and I’ve got so fed up with reading ‘Christians’ bashing atheists or atheists mocking believers. I am unashamedly a follower of Christ (and my own blog is of that bent), but I would never dream of shoving my beliefs down someone else’s throat, or of mocking anyone who disagrees with me (after all, ain’t that the point of free will?). How can anyone possibly agree in every respect with another person, about everything? I can’t even agree with my husband, and I think he’s great… Mutual respect = key to a happy second marriage 😉

Blooms and Bubbles

Steve is a non-religious Jew, and I am an observant Episcopalian, but we both value irreverence. Recently, Stevie wrote this to me in an email:

“As you might guess, the only thing I know about Vestry is that the word ‘rector’ is hilarious. I would love to sit down and discuss religion with you at some point. Religious discussions in this country are all about ‘me versus you, and I’m right.’ People who are religious genuinely fascinate me. I often envy them their beliefs. However I tend to infuriate the believers, with my rampant joke-laden atheism.”

Steve drafted a list of topics, and we both promised not to get all huffy. What follows is a transcript of our virtual “sit down.” I hope we don’t offend, and that maybe you’ll share your take on God, Life, and Whatnot, too.


I call myself very Jewish and not…

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