Just As I Am

Shaun Groves recently released this youtube video of him singing his lovely version of the classic ‘Just As I Am’. It is a timeless hymn, and speaks as strongly today as when it was written. I really love Shaun Groves’ music, and I’m a big fan of his thoughtful and thought-provoking blog. Here is a man who doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’ but walks the walk in all its messy glory. His blog has helped me through some tough times and I’ll be (literally) eternally grateful for his recommendation of Ann Voskamp’s ‘One Thousand Gifts’, her website  and ‘The Jesus Storybook Bible’.


Kudos to Shaun! What a wonderful reflection of Christ’s love is his life 🙂

2 thoughts on “Just As I Am

  1. I love Shaun’s music. His writing have forced me to rethink many of my stance on what it means to be a Christian. If Shaun ever makes it back to the UK, you need to see him. He is great guy to talk to after a show. I will never forget the time he joined a group of us while we ate pizza, in the lobby, between two shows he was doing. Even though he did not eat any of the pizza he spent 15 to 20 minutes joking around with us and even prayed with us before the start of the next show.

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