Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

It is gone two o’clock in the morning and our delightful neighbours began a l’il partaaay at gone midnight and now that the guests are gone, he’s ‘practising’ the drums. I say ‘practising’ because, frankly, son, you’re really not improving, despite the amount of time you spend ‘playing’.

Trying hard to not imagine ways of sticking drumsticks where the sun don’t shine. Grace. Peace. Patience. Trouble is if I’m tired in the morning it’s not just me… I end up short with the kids and not able to do what I need to do. I need my sleep. I don’t want ‘I hate this place’ to become my mantra over the next few weeks, tempting as that is. It’s not as if I’m busy or anything, because of course, it’s the magic fairy who does all the organising for the move… Oh no, wait. It’s me. I spent four hours on the phone yesterday, with one thing and another. It all takes so long :-/

How in the name of blessed sanity do you explain to someone who doesn’t already know that playing the drums at 2.25am is not acceptable?!


Ten past three and they’re still going. It’s not as if it’s the weekend even. Morons-R-Us 😐




Ten to four in the morning and I think they’ve all finally buggered off. And I’m being polite. My brain has been whispering all sorts of very rude words that ought to make a lady blush. ‘Moron’ is really quite polite…

2 thoughts on “Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

  1. Your blogs brighten my days. I love the way you give us an honest glimpse right into your life. I’m sorry life is tough for you in many ways and yet you are able to inspire and encourage others through all things. You are a really gifted writer and I pray that one day your talent will be recognised and published. Keep writing ….

    • How kind, Ann. Thank you for reading and commenting. Funny, when I was visiting a Christian community last week, someone who didn’t know me prayed for me to have the encouragement of friends, which is what has really been lacking round these parts. Now there’s some holy spirit prompting! I’m such a sceptic and then ‘bam’ right there in front of me, unequivocally, God chuckles and says ‘oh, ye of little faith’ 😉

      Encouragement is a small thing, but can have such a huge impact (there’s a blog post in that). God bless x

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