A Tax o’ Both Your Houses

The idea that disabled people should lose benefit for having extra living space to accommodate their needs is wrong, especially coming from the man who lost his own son to illness and disability. Please click the link below (it will open in a new tab) and sign the petition calling on the UK government to rethink their policies towards ill and disabled people:




Now what would be worth considering, for environmental reasons, is a genuine bedroom tax (nothing to do with benefits) payable by all except the infirm, and the money used to promote sustainable development, or to make housing more energy efficient.


Some interesting environment factoids:

The UK produces 60% of its own food, and imports 40% (yes, our tiny island produces 3/5 of what we consume).


We sometimes export exactly the same things as we import.


The average household wastes 10% of its electricity by leaving things on standby, that’s ≈£100+ a year wasted. On sod all nothing. You could sponsor a child with Compassion for five months for the same price.


Individual households account for the majority of carbon dioxide emissions. That means you and me. Not the state. Not big businesses. Not your local council. You. And me.


Still working on my OU assignment. One more question left. 300 words to go.