Thrifty Pays Off

I am feeling absurdly excited over a purchase of… (wait for it)





















… wool.


Wool. Yes. When I spent several years incapacitated as a teenager, I discovered the genteel art of crochet. For some unknown reason, learning to knit always seemed a hassle too far, but crochet, with all its varied stitches and applications, did not. Perverse, I know. I have not crocheted for years. The last time was just before my second child was born, when I made her some dainty little shoes (which have since been lost).


So I have just bought me some luvverly yarn and I can’t figure out why but it’s cheered me up no end. Perhaps I am metamorphosing into that creature known as The Perfect Housewife.


Yeah. But no. Stop laughing.


Frank and I married nearly three years ago, and were given John Lewis gift vouchers as part of our wedding gift. We bought a few things on our honeymoon, which we have made good use of, and had £40-worth left. John Lewis is good quality, but very expensive. We didn’t want to spend the vouchers just for the sake of it. Today, those vouchers paid for most of the wool (and it also qualified for free delivery). Thus a wedding gift will be used to bless our new home in the form of a multicoloured throw. This has – bizarrely – really made me glad. Summat to do with ‘restoring the years the locusts have eaten’.  I am so thankful for being able to take pleasure in simple things. And I am thankful that being thrifty, and not spending those vouchers on something just for the sake of it, has paid off! I’m reminded of Philippians 4:8… who knew that applied to crochet? (I think I hear God chuckling).

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