Packing, Packing, Packing…

‘Moving is one of the top ten most stressful life experiences’ says the sweet-sounding voice-over.

Bollocks… ‘scuse my French but if moving is that stressful, count yourself lucky – you’ve had a blessed life! This will be our fourth move in three years. Most of these moves have been caused by a British justice system which is unfit for purpose and doesn’t consider it necessary to protect victims from dangerous criminals.

Anyway… I like the bit in the video about donating to charity any non-worn clothes. Each time we have moved we have decluttered. And when we no longer need something, we can bless someone else with it, FlyLady style 🙂

Each time I’ve got a little better at organising the packing. But the novelty is wearing thin. Really thin. A few days before the move and my house looks like this:

Ok, this isn’t my house. And it’s not this bad. But it feels like this!

Image from here.

Please keep us in your prayers. The ex is causing trouble again – and while it may only be hot air, it’s such a nasty experience. Broken British justice again. Glad we have God on our side.

Tally ho.