Is this the 21st Century?

A 15 year old girl who was the victim of years of childhood sexual abuse from the very person who should have been the first to protect her has been ‘convicted’ by a court and sentenced to being whipped 100 times in public.


I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Surely this barbarism doesn’t happen in the 21st century? I thought what I went through was bad enough. My parents went to the police. The police did nothing. But none of them said I was the one who committed the crime.


If you know me then I ask you, for my sake, and for the sake of all the abused and traumatised children, please sign this petition (click to open in a new tab). This poor girl has been brutalised and will possibly never recover. If the international community raises enough awareness, maybe these things will change. Please sign. Please pray for change.