Ann Voskamp hits the nail on the head again. I wish I could thank her directly. She articulates what I have been trying to articulate, but she has such a following that what she has to say will make a huge impact. Also, she is not as close to it all as I am. I am so enraged by these attitudes (I’ve come across them myself) that I’m not as effective – yet – at communicating it. I pray for justice for all the broken men, women and children (it is not just women and girls who are victims – this is something worth pointing out).


I very rarely post links on here to other blog posts, but these two today are two of the most powerful and moving posts I have read in a good long time.

Please take a few minutes to read them. Pretty pretty please!

From Ann Voskamp: A mom talks to her son about the incident in Steubenville, OH and what it really means to be a man.

From Lisa-Jo Baker: A gentile reminder for those of us moms who tend to complain about the toll of child-bearing on our bodies.

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