By the Light of the Moon

You may have noticed, but there has not been much blogging here at multicolouredsmartypants recently. This is because I have been sorting out our new home, entertaining children during the Easter holidays, taking care of Frank’s elderly aunt, trying to stay sane while dealing with peripheral nastiness (the continuing saga with two potential court cases) and best of all: studying. The Open University is fabulous 🙂


In between it all, I steal a few moments of quiet and practise a little Debussy on the piano – La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin and Clair de Lune. As I play, and my soul leaps at the aching tenderness of the piece, I ask God if this is what heaven sounds like.


How I love your Temple, Lord Almighty!
     How I want to be there!
    I long to be in the Lord’s Temple.
With my whole being I sing for joy
    to the living God.

Psalm 84:1,2 GNT