A personal take on depression: Would you recognise it in your child?

A very important issue from Special Needs Jungle about something which can affect anyone, including children. Let us not be ashamed of mental health problems. Let us not continue the ignorance, stigma and prejudice towards very real illness. There is hope!

Special Needs Jungle

Tania writes

It’s Depression Awareness Week, although with the state of the economy and the weather, it wouldn’t surprise me if most of the country was painfully aware of feeling a bit in the dumps.

Ah, see what I did there? Of course, there’s a difference to being a bit blue and being clinically depressed, and for parents of young adults, teenagers and even younger children, it is very important to know the difference.

For example, what is the difference between your child just having a bad day, or your teen often being irritable or secretive because that’s all part of hormones and growing up, and the onset of something more intractable that will require careful attention and treatment?

I was diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of 16, although I had always been an anxious child due to an often uncertain home-life. For me, I can trace the…

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