Mighty to Save

When I heard one of the founders of Celebrate Recovery speak, he made the comment that when choosing music for the weekly meetings’ worship time one had to bear in mind several factors: the music had to be appropriate and reachable for the CR attendees. He also said something which has stuck in my mind ever since:

Some people, when they come to Celebrate Recovery, will be so damaged that they will only be able to reach God through songs of praise.

It sounds counter-intuitive, yet I know that at my darkest times, the sacrifice of praise is one of the most moving and deep experiences a soul can experience. I nearly added humbling, but by this point you’re on your knees begging for mercy.

It is interesting that sometimes it is the most broken who truly experience humility. Yet we’re all supposed to be humble.

We’re going through some very difficult things right now, or I should say, I am. By proxy, my family are.  Praising God is a way through. I understand now when the psalmist refers to going through anguish, yet praising God and singing of His glory. Julian of Norwich says that prayer is the ‘deliberate and steadfast action of the soul’. Praise and worship are the same.

Be blessed.