Enough Food for Everyone IF…

Today, from Tearfund:

‘The UK burns enough food as fuel to feed 10 million people every year. Small scale farmers are being forced off their land so that biofuels can be grown to feed our lifestyles instead of land providing food for local communities. 30% of Liberia has been leased out in the past 5 years. Over 50% of Cambodian arable land has been transferred to private companies.

Peru is another example of land being used by a private company for growing crops for biofuels. Tearfund’s local partner in Peru, Peace and Hope, are working to respond to this injustice. They are accompanying indigenous people through the process of appealing to the Supreme Court and pushing for greater transparency. Their aim is to protect the land rights of indigenous people, and for proper consultation with affected communities.

We want the world leaders to stop companies and governments grabbing land from poor communities who can’t prove they own it, and we want to change the EU biofuel target because it increases unfair land grabs and pushes up food prices.

  • Please pray for communities who are losing their livelihoods and going hungry because of our lifestyles.
  • Pray that the current biofuel targets will be reduced or scrapped because they are fuelling hunger.
  • Please ask God to strengthen local churches and organisations like Peace and Hope in Peru and other countries as they speak out against injustice.
  • Pray for the leaders of the G8, that they will begin to put in rules that mean private companies and small farmers are on a level playing field in the market for land.

Think about how you can use less fuel today and in the future. Are there journeys where you could walk or cycle instead of taking the car?’