“I didn’t need a hug, Jamie, I needed a fiver.” (The Independent)

I think what Jack Monroe says is spot on, but I don’t think that articles such as this – Breadline Britain – which was from The Guardian (who you would think should know better) have done anything to help negate the notion that cooking from scratch is ‘more expensive’. I was so frustrated by this article, and by comments from friends about how processed food is ‘always cheaper’, that I began my own budget cooking blog, Easy Cooking on a Budget to help people learn to cook simple, inexpensive, nutritious family recipes.

Jamie Oliver is right that people can be ignorant and don’t know how to cook, but he should never have added to the ‘all poor people are stupid and lazy’ myth. That was uncalled for. I’ve been on the receiving end of people’s prejudice when I was a benefit claimant and single mother. It ain’t pretty. An inability to know how to cook is something that affects many, many people, from various income brackets. Having said all that – cooking is not hard. I learned some things from my mother when I was a teenager, and when I was in very restricted financial circumstances I borrowed cookery books from the library to learn how to cook.

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