Things that Turn Me On

Pam Hogeweide, author of Unladylike, has written a blog post of all the things which get her heart racing. No, it’s nothing to do with sex, but those things which make those creative juices flow, the things which make your heart beat faster, that you feel passionate about. I was intrigued by Pam’s list and decided to make one of my own.

1) God.

2) My family. They’re great. It is my heart’s desire that my family’s faith deepens, and that my children are independent and secure, knowing they are loved for who they are as an individual and as children of God.

3) Talking about God.

4) The written word – I love literature, poetry, as well as certain blogs. I gobble up books like sweeties. My writing bug is fulfilled at the moment by my blog and my studies, but I do plan to write a book or two one day.

5) Studying – I am studying International Development and Statistics and I LOVE it. I go all wibbly over the Chinese economy or a nice graph. And I’m so proud of myself for having achieved what I have achieved. This will give me what I need to get a job in the development field, if that is God’s plan, and be well-equipped to tackle my other passion: the alleviation of poverty.

6) The sky. I love to look at the sky. It is constantly changing. I love to watch the sun rise, or the rain in the distance, or the wind blowing the clouds. There are layers upon layers of clouds in my view right now, moving very slowly. When I look at the sky I feel like I can b r e a t h e.

7) History documentaries. We don’t have a TV license so don’t watch ‘normal’ telly, but my husband and I both love a good history documentary. We were watching ‘The Tudor Feast’ last night on DVD. Geeks r us 😉

8) Humour, especially the Radio 4 kind. It keeps me sane 😉

9) My friends. I know how blessed I am to have the friends that I have and to know that they’re my brothers and sisters in Christ.

10) My extended family – I am so glad that I now have such a lovely extended family. My sister has just moved to New Zealand. I miss her :-/

11) Crochet… I have been going a little potty about wool lately. I love being creative in practical ways and crochet is both lovely to look at and eminently practical. I’ve so far made a blanket and am now making a jumper for Frank from pure, undyed English wool.

12) Cooking, nothing fancy. I have a budget cookery blog. I especially enjoy when my children choose to join in. My l’il Fluff is quite accomplished for a 10 year old!

13) FlyLady. She saved my life with her emails and continuous tips and helpful hints. I know she’s walked the dark road and pulled herself out, by grace, and now she helps people like me to follow and to learn. I can’t thank her enough!

14) I have just finished a course on the Environment, and having done so it would not be honest to miss out the fact that, after having learned what I have learned, I am a now a confirmed greenie, hence the undyed English wool and recent attempts at cycling instead of driving (for the first time in a quarter of a century and on the same bike).

15) A bargain! I like to spend money wisely. I’m an avid ebayer/second-hand shop stalker, and one of my favourite blogs is Miss Thrifty.

Well, that’s more than I planned to write. What about you?

2 thoughts on “Things that Turn Me On

    • In the UK if you watch something as it is broadcast/streamed you have to have a license. It funds the BBC and costs about ÂŁ150 a year (last time I checked) so that’s about $200(?). If you don’t have a license (which I choose not to) you can still watch telly on catch-up. The only time I have wished I had a license was during the Olympics when I would have loved to have watched events live. On the other hand I was sitting in the stadium when Britain won gold which was brilliant 😀

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