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Love, love, love this video!


My girls and I were talking about Hallowe’en (Fluff has been picked for the Cross Country Team at school and is running her first race on 31st – hurrah!) and the fact that there is a Hallowe’en school disco. This is usually fine, as it is after school so they just don’t go. Sometimes there’s a Lights Party as an alternative. This year, Fluff and Chip are adamant that it is during school hours. Fiddlesticks. o_O

Now I have to say ‘I’d rather they didn’t join in’, have people stare at me blankly and wonder why I’m such a spoilsport. But… I’m not one who likes to use rules to define my faith. I don’t believe faith comes down to rules, and even if we were to make a list of sin, you could never finish it. There are as many different sins as there are people. Grace is what erases them all and lifts us up, hallelujah! But Hallowe’en is something I feel quite strongly shouldn’t be celebrated by believers – in the same way that we aren’t going to celebrate Eid, or Diwali, or anything likewise. It matters to me that my children understand why I take this stance, and that I’m not trying to impose rules, or spoil anything. I’ve said we’ll hand out sweeties and tracts to anyone who comes to the door. I figure that’s about the closest to loving one’s neighbour in these circumstances and I pray it will be a genuine opportunity to bear witness. Only I’m more likely to bear witless… Oh crumbs… Thank the Lord for prayer…

The Vicar's Wife

I know we’re all thinking about Back to Church Sunday and Harvest and everything (gosh, it’s a busy term – and we’ve got a confirmation to factor in too), but before you know it, it will be Halloween. And the brilliant Glen Scrivener (of Anti Santy Ranty fame) has produced a great new video to get your congregation or youth group thinking. A great reminder that the light triumphs over the darkness.

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