Insidious attack on the Word of God by a Meteorologist

An interesting read.

All Things are Yours

I just finished watching a youtube video produced by Ray Comfort called “Evolution vs. God” where he attempts to demonstrate the undermining of the truth of God’s Word in our culture presented by the teaching of Evolution.   There is a lot that can be said about the points raised in this video.   But after I got done watching it, I had something of an epiphany – and that is, that there is an attack on the Bible coming from an altogether different quarter in our culture, and young, innocent children as well as adults are regularly subjected to the evil lies of satan through this avenue, and yet it has gone almost without question or confrontation by the church.   What am I refering to?   The lies propogated by meteorology.

You see, Genesis 1 and 2 gives a certain very clear history of God’s dealings in creation…

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