Dreaming of Shanghai

Shanghai_montageI have been attempting to write an assignment about the development of Shanghai for most of the day. I think I am finally getting somewhere but this one has been a bit of a slog. I am faced with the realities of being a mature student: our new neighbours are drilling through the walls (ok, they aren’t, but it sounds like it), my pride (I’m thirty <ahem> something – why is this so difficult?), my (sin of) perfectionism, a household to care for (taxi service to Theatre School, birthday party and gymnastics), and the inevitable foggy-headedness of my medication. I have painfully constructed three paragraphs, which I have rewritten several times, in an attempt to truly understand the question. But aiming for a degree in International Development and Statistics will be sooooo worth it. How blessed am I to even have this opportunity! How many times must we remind ourselves of what we have to be thankful for? God is always good. I shall be dreaming of Shanghai when I go to bed, I’m quite sure… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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