No One Goes to Kindergarten in a Diaper

Yep. Can relate to this. Still not got there 100%, or even 90%, but you get used to running a launderette after nearly 14 years of it. I read a post yesterday about saving money by handwashing clothes. I laughed. The naivete of the non-SEN initiated, eh?
Ah, the joys of autism! How do we SEN families stay sane? We don’t! We celebrate what IS and give thanks for today. Count your blessings – it’s the only way 😉 God bless! x

Post Script: Another advantage of having a SEN child – Frank and I are pretty unshockable – and that’s a good character trait.

Military Special Needs Network

We started potty training our oldest son the month he turned two. Never mind the fact that he had only come into our lives four months prior, or the fact that there were very evident – if undiagnosed – developmental delays. As I said to the concerned social workers, therapists, doctors and family members, Everyone knows that potty training starts at two. He’ll get it. No one wants to sit in their own poo. They all expressed their beliefs that he wasn’t ready to train. Boys start later, they said. You have to watch for cues. He’ll let you know when he’s ready, they all said. But, don’t worry – no one goes into Kindergarten in a diaper.

You’re damn right they don’t, I thought. Especially not this kid. And so began my obsession with my son’s bowel habits. I charted times, texture, and fiber content. I…

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