Hunger Hurts: Tanzania.

As a student aiming for a degree in International Development and Statistics, I can think of nothing better to demonstrate the plight of the poor than this current series by Jack Monroe as she tours Tanzania with Oxfam. The recognition that ‘the poor’ are the same as you or I or anyone – this is what motivates those of us with more than enough to help those who have so little. I just want to say thank you to Jack for this very moving series of posts.



Irene is 24 years old, a single mother to a two year old girl. She lost her job in 2012, and has moved house at least four times since. Unable to find work, she is living in a friends bedroom in a shared house, borrowing food from neighbours.

“You should meet Irene,” Marc and Teresa had said. “You have very similar stories.”

The woman who greets us at the side of the road is around five feet tall, very slightly built, with a big smile and a gentle manner. “Karibu, welcome!” she greets, clasping my hands.

“Asante sana. I am Jack.

“Asante sana Jack, I am Irene. Welcome, welcome.”

We sat on a ripped – if immaculate – sofa, wedged between the wall and the double bed. In the corner was a fan, and a tiny dressing table, on which sat cotton buds, and a bottle of Nice n Lovely…

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