What does God want you to do?

Reminds me of Adrian Plass: “God is nice and He likes me.”

The Evangelical Liberal

So we’ve looked at whether God has a plan for your life, and whether he sees or even sets the future. Let’s get right down to the practical nitty-gritty. What does God actually want us to do?

Now I’m not a pastor or spiritual director. I have no right or authority to speak into anyone’s life and tell them what to do or not do. I won’t tell you how to spend your life, your time or your money – and I don’t have a clue anyway.

Nor am I going to give advice on how to do ‘Christian’ things – how to have the best quiet time, or how to pray, read the Bible, evangelise, or worship. Important though these things may sometimes be, they’re not the heart. And I’m certainly not going to try and tell you how often or how long you should pray…

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