No Better

Pastor Boudreaux over at A Pastor’s Thoughts wrote about a very interesting – and seldom acknowledged – part of the Christ follower’s journey. As Shaun Groves’ haunting song puts it “sin in secrecy is the hardest kind to kill.”
I wonder why we hear so much about certain types of sin, and so little about others? Is one sin ‘worth’ more, or less than another? By the way some of us act, you’d certainly think so.
The book of James gives a resounding ‘no‘:


“If you obey the royal law, expressed by the scripture, ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself’, all is well. But once you allow any invidious distinctions to creep in, you are sinning, you have broken God’s Law. Remember that a man who keeps the whole Law but for a single exception is none the less a law-breaker. The one who said, ‘Do not commit adultery’, also said, ‘Do not murder’. If you were to keep clear of adultery but were to murder a man you would have become a breaker of God’s whole Law.”

James 2:8-11 (J.B. Phillips translation)


Why is this passage, with its enormous implications, so often overlooked? Why do we so often neglect the nature of sin? Perhaps if we truly understood the nature of sin, and of our own culpability, we would not be so quick to judge others. I point the finger at myself here, too. I can see quite plainly that I am a breaker of God’s whole Law. I pray for His forgiveness, give thanks for His mercy, and marvel – once again – at His boundless grace.

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