Health Vests

Just over a week ago we were sorting out items from my in-laws’ house. After my father-in-law’s death and the decision that my mother-in-law is to remain in the care home, it has become necessary to sell their former house. In order to do this, we must sort through and remove their possessions. This has been a somewhat poignant task, yet one filled with pleasant surprises. One discovery that filled me with mirth was this old knitting pattern. If you have been a reader for long enough, you will recall that I am an enormous fan of all things wool.


Full of vim and vigour as my dear Granny used to say. Jolly good show, chaps.


It must be well over 40 years old because the price is printed in imperial pence (the UK’s current metric system began in 1971). What I find utterly baffling, though, is the printed statement on the cover ‘HEALTH VESTS ~ AS RECOMMENDED BY THE MEDICAL PROFESSION’.

Whatever the purported medical benefit, it must be good – just look at the way they stick their chests out.  ‘Vintage’ is all the rage nowadays. You never know, knitted vests might catch on…

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