‘You do this day after day like a blind woman groping in the dark until one day you realize that it doesn’t feel quite so awkward anymore. Then more days pass and it starts to feel normal. A few more days and it’s natural. Then it becomes routine. Somewhere along the way you quit questioning your every move.  You make mistakes – lots of mistakes – and discover that this strange child is strong enough to weather your mistakes.  You realize she’s stronger than you are.

You realize that God is stronger than you are. 

And your understanding of grace, of redemption, of the true meaning of blind faith reaches an entirely new level. You realize that all of these things are hard and born of terror and pain. All are messy. All of them make no sense. All of them are beautiful. All of them are possible.’ 


To read more of this wonderful post from It’s Almost Naptime, click here.

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