How is it that Love Equalizes Lovers?


How wonderful! Reminds me of Julian of Norwich too. I love how God reveals himself in similar ways to people hundreds of miles and centuries apart. I don’t know much about Francis de Sales. I will have to see what I can find.

What is he indeed that is maker and lover and keeper?

I cannot find words to tell.

For until I am one with him I can never have true rest nor peace.

I can never know it until I am held so close to him that there is nothing in between.

Julian of Norwich

from Enfolded in Love

Contemplative in the Mud

Francis, John

Throughout the works of those two great saints of love who are John of the Cross and Francis de Sales, we come across assertions that the act of loving makes the lover on the same plane as the beloved, that the object of our love, whether higher or lower than us, describes where the value of our own love falls; or, in the words of Saint Francis,

Love equalizes lovers.

How is that?

In general, it is true. Wherever our heart is, there is out treasure also! (Mt 6:21) If we set our heart on riches, it is riches to which our superior nature bows down to become equal; if we set out heart on lust, power, or anything else, down we go in like manner.

But when our love, centred more and more on God in himself and in his general and particular will, approaches closer and closer to…

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