Reblog: Contemplation is Participation in All Stages of Christ’s Interior Life


My word! The post below, from Contemplative in the Mud (one of my favourite blogs) has sparked so many thoughts that I can barely put them into words. That quote has summed up, in a few simple sentences, what I have sensed God do throughout my life. I keep coming back to ‘why is God so good?’ which sounds daft but… It’s like Ann Voskamp’s post last week over on her blog (another favourite), A Holy Experience,How to Face the Problem of Evil and the Greater Problem of Good. I’ll let the posts speak for themselves; I can’t say it any better.

Contemplative in the Mud

Charles JournetParticipation of the Church in all the interior states of the Saviour: that’s sanctity. The word “contemplation” does not suffice to tell it all. We need to enter into it all: the interior states of the Christ child, of Christ teaching, of Christ suffering, dying, risen… “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me” (Gal 2:20). This signifies that all the stages of Jesus’ life have repercussions in the lives of the saints… Contemplation makes the Church experience in herself the mysteries of her God-Saviour.
Charles Cardinal Journet (18911975)

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