Reblog: I’ve Never Been On A Road I Haven’t Taken


As I first read this, the old bitternesses crept back up like bile in my throat. “I never chose all the pain and years of abuse. I never chose the neurological disorder, or the PTSD.” But then I paused. The bitterness faded. I remembered grace; I remembered Christ. I remembered the precious gifts that can only be obtained through suffering – compassion, courage, an understanding of God transforming my weakness into His strength, His joy. God always tips everything upside down, so that everything that was broken is made whole, everything that was downtrodden is lifted high, everything that was brutal and ugly is made beautiful. And for all this we celebrate!

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I’ve never been on a road I haven’t taken.

Neither have you.

I’ve never traveled someone else’s road.

Neither have you.

We travel our own path, and no one travels it for us. Neither could we travel someone else’s path no matter how sincerely we try.

The path may seem crowded at times. It may seem as lonely.

Yet our roads are not solitary, not completely.

Our roads intersect with others, bringing us fellow travelers who join us for a time, long or short or merely for the briefest moment.

There is richness in walking together, and there is wealth to be found in traveling alone. There can also be loss and sorrow and sadness on the way, at times unbearable.

Yet we travel on our roads, each of us.

But in the end there are really only two roads anyone ever travels.

One is under the reign of grace…

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