Reblog: Alien Monkey

I love the image of the monkey in this post from Contemplative in the Mud! We are just as daft as monkeys, though most of the time we pretend we’re not. I love the image of the sea, too. It echoes the words of Mama Maggie:

An old man all made of salt was walking on the shore of an ocean. He heard a voice asking him, “Who are you?”

The man replied, “I am a salt man, and who are you?”

He heard the answer, “Come closer.”

So the man took a few steps and heard the same question again. “Who are you?” 

He said, “Come closer.”

When the man started to touch the water, his feet dissolved. So he asked, “Who are you?”

He heard the voice say, “Come closer.”

When he did, the man dissolved completely.

Then the question came again, “Who are you?”

And answer came, “I am the ocean.”

Contemplative in the Mud

A somewhat silly poem about the major themes of the spiritual journey.

On another planet,
On another world,
Lived a spotted monkey,
Ears and tail curled.

This dear monkey lived on
Plains beside the sea:
Great green waves there roared and
Crashed upon the beach.

One day little monkey
Heard a Voice at sea:
“Up!” it whispered sweetly.
“Come and follow me.”

But he saw no island;
He saw only waves,
Crashing, tumbling, smashing;
Sat he for a day.

Sat he for a week and
Sat he for a month.
Lonely was his heart now
Would he choose to come?

Yes, he wanted deeply:
See the Voice I must!
But there seemed no way to
Find the Voice across

All the waves so loudly
Hitting ‘pon the shore.
So the monkey carried
On just as before.

Days and weeks and months passed.
Monkey ne’er forgot.
That sweet Voice that called…

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