Reblog: God Came Today


I remember when Fluff, then aged 8, told me that the Pope had visited her school. Turned out it was the local Catholic bishop. Very funny 🙂

This morning my youngest child, aged 9, took a bag filled to the brim with groceries for Harvest Festival. I looked on with pride and love as my lovely little one chose food for people less fortunate than herself. Then she said, “Tins are good, but they’re only worth five team points. If I take packets they’re worth ten team points. How many packets have we got, Mum?”
So much for generosity! o_O


A Pastor's Thoughts

Preschool kidsEvery Monday I do “chapel” for our church preschool. In all honesty it is not my strong suit to tell a story, no matter how brief, to a group of three and four year olds. I have, however, begun to truly enjoy my time with them. Recently something very special happened, and it really taught me a great lesson.

Our preschool director told me one of the children reported to his mother that God had come to see them last week. What the child said was both adorable and profound. I am definitely not God, but God did come to see him. God was there because the little child was looking for Him. What a marvelous thought – we see God when we look for Him. Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom…

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