No More Page 3

Is it feminist to view women’s bodies as a commodity over which they have ultimate control, which they can sell if they so choose? Conversely, is it feminist to view the objectification of women as bad? I don’t know. Personally, I think feminism took a wrong turn somehow when it promoted the idea that motherhood and homemaking are ‘worth’ less than paid employment. I quite like the term ‘Jesus Feminist’, but it does sound a tad militant… and we don’t need to add anything to ‘Jesus’ in order to stand up for those who are oppressed. I am a Follower of Christ and I stand against oppression in all forms and that is enough. Anyway, feminist or not, what I know is this: I do not want my son or daughters growing up in a culture that says it is appropriate to objectify women while munching your morning cornflakes. The No More Page 3 campaign has been a long time coming.

You can add your name to the petition to remove Page 3 from The Sun newspaper by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “No More Page 3

  1. Interesting take on feminism. I’m inclined to believe that your statement regarding adding to Jesus hits it on the head. We don’t need to be Christian … Just Christians. God repeatedly takes the stance of protector of the oppressed through the prophets. Great thought. Fits with the post I put up this morning about teaching sons to respect women. Appreciate the reinforcing of the idea. God speed with your petition.

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