‘…for each x in the range of the random variable X, we have

p(x) = P(x)

… an upper-case letter… is used for the label of a random variable, while the corresponding lower-case letter (x) is used as representative of the possible values the random variable might take.’

(from my textbook, published by the Open University)

There comes a time in any mathematics course that I feel like Mr. Bean in the exam. What once made sense becomes unintelligible gobbledegook. This is when I stop and take a break.

One thought on “Gobbledegook

  1. Oh my. That’s why I stuck with literature. I did fine in math until I took calculus and encountered imaginary numbers. I find the concept completely unfair; why can’t we lit majors have “imaginary letters”?!?! My husband, a rocket scientist, assures me that imaginary numbers have a good use.

    Enjoy your break. I hope your mind is refreshed now!

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