EMDR Diary 2: ‘My Troubles’

According to some Christian traditions, we’re still in the Christmas season, which lasts not 12 but 40 days. I’ve been thinking about the exhausted young mother with her new baby in those early weeks. I feel a bit like I have the ‘baby blues’ today – happy, sad, mad all at once… and so tired zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I only managed 30 minutes of studying today before my brain conked out. Meh.


Over Christmas I listened to a singer called Andrew Greer, and the song below has been echoing around my head today. I was introduced to this musician by Thomas over on My Random Thoughts (thank you, Thomas).

On the composition of the album, Andrew writes ‘In composing and recording… I wanted to … recognize the beautiful melancholy that lingers with us during December’s autumnal darkness. For the lyrical framework, I picked phrases from the triumphant carol “Joy to the World” to juxtapose with my own interpretation of the harsh contrast Christmas reveals between hope and despair.

The memory of a spouse’s premature death, a forfeiture of personal innocence—Christmas yet infuses our day-to-day doubts, fears, and questions with glorious glimmers of hope. It is the stark awareness that God, the Creator of the cosmos, surrendered Himself to a body of bones to commune with us in the midst of our pain. It’s the reason we can say, “No more let sorrows grow / Hold the child and hear him crying / No more let sorrows grow / He knows my troubles . . .”


Andrew has a beautiful, unadorned singing style and unsentimental yet earnest lyrics that embody both pain and hope:

‘Far as the curse is found / They say he’s digging for diamonds in the rubble / Far as the curse is found / My troubles.’


One thought on “EMDR Diary 2: ‘My Troubles’

  1. You are welcome. It is amazing how much the “net” has allowed us to learn about new music and connect with people across the pond.

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