Reblog: It’s #TimeToTalk Day. So try and have a five minute chat with someone about mental health.

Excellent post. We should not be ashamed of mental health problems. We should not be made to feel as if those who suffer mental ill health somehow also suffer some kind of weakness of character or moral deficiency.

The Anxious Agoraphobic

Today is Time to Talk Day, so I’d like to encourage everyone to take five minutes to talk to someone about mental health. It doesn’t have to be a conversation directly about you or the person you’re talking to, maybe you have a friend or colleague in common who suffers with a mental illness. Maybe you have lost someone recently and spending some time talking about that person will help with the grief.

Whatever it is you decide to talk about, remember that you are not alone.

It is estimated that One in Four people in the UK are affected by some form of mental illness every year. Some of these illnesses will pass over and life will continue on as normal, some will take more time. This is ok and sometimes that’s hard to remember, I know personally that it’s often hard to feel like it’s ok to…

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3 thoughts on “Reblog: It’s #TimeToTalk Day. So try and have a five minute chat with someone about mental health.

  1. Hi Sandy, thanks for this important post (and I’m sorry for not commenting on your blog more frequently, or indeed ever before!).

    By the way, I’m impressed by the brevity of your posts – I can’t seem to manage to make my points in less than 1500 words!

    In case it’s of any use to any of your readers, here’s my own post from a couple of years ago about mental health issues in relation to Christian faith: My basic point is the same as yours – there’s nothing to be ashamed of in admitting to suffering from mental health issues.

      • I know, it can get quite lonely blogging when there aren’t many responses. It doesn’t mean people aren’t reading, but it sometimes feels like they’re not if no-one says anything! But I know I’m not good at getting round to commenting on friends’ blogs so I’ve got no leg to stand on.

        Mental health is a big thing for me, and I think Christians often don’t engage with the subject very constructively. So good on you for tackling it. 🙂

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